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Brand New Fairys Fortune Slot Machine

Check out the latest creation from Jackpot Party Casino and wMS Gaming. Play Fairys Fortune slot machine for free or real money via our online slots website dedicated to the best slot machines online.

Fairys Fortune is based on the enchanted world of fairys, where 3x bonus rounds await lucky players with up to 521x your line bet in winnings are available. With a maximum potential win of £25,000 when you land all 5x fairys fortune winning symbols.

Play fairys fortune today with Jackpot Party Casino and you claim a 100% cash match welcome bonus up to £200, plus whenever you play slots with Jackpot Party you are always eligible to win random progressive jackpots.

Play Fairys Fortune slot machine for free or real money today.


Free Slots

Check out the latest creation over at We have recently introduced a free slots section to the website where you can play over 350 free slot machines. With no deposit or download needed.

We have all the best free slots from companies like betsoft, Net Entertainment, Sheriff Gaming, IGT, RTG and the world famous WMS slot for free which are pretty hard to find.

So if you love playing slot machines and you are looking for somewhere to play free slots online then look no futher than our new free slots section.

don’t forget we also have slots news, slots reviews and slots bonus deals for players from around the world. Come check us out today.

Best Casino Slots Games Online

Do you really have fun playing casino slots games online? Many men and women throughout the world really like the experience and fun of playing slot machines while in the comfort of their own living rooms. Ever since that time, the online slots industry has sky rocketed and now provides a variety of high quality and delightful online slots games. However, some people are bored with playing the same slot game repeatedly. Ensure that you check out this page if you are in search of new slots games to spend time playing.

One of the most well known internet sites for online slots machines is society of slots. All of the Betsoft Slots Games will be on offer. They have a huge variety of aesthetically amazing online slots games, especially with their Slots3 slots series. They frequently bring out new casino slots games each month.

One of the freshest slots games from Betsoft Gaming is Sushi Bar. Sushi Bar tracks a sushi bar and well known Chef Haru while he produces the most appetizing sushi dishes available for you. The video game has 5 reels and 25 lines which is a great deal of fun. The layouts are also amazing especially with the Japanese influences as well as the arty design of the sushi bar.

One other state of the art slot machine games coming from Betsoft Slots is Safari Sam. Safari Sam is centered on a hunter known as Sam who takes part in a Safari. You actually observe him on his adventures in the wild along with his encounters with the the wild beasts he locates. The African bush never seemed more lovely than within this slot games which offers five reels, thirty paylines, free spins, and feature bonus rounds which are somewhat engaging.

Sheriff Gaming is as well yet another stunning online slots sites. That delivers a whole host of new casino slots. Like Betsoft Gaming, it includes a range of top level new casino slots games which can be both beautiful and even fun to spend time playing.

One of the most up-to-date games such as Sheriff Gaming is Gold Raider. Gold Raider performs the part of a high risk treasure hunter who runs away from a confinement refugee camp in the Chinese jungle. Pursued by a slew of mad prison security guards, he needs to stay ahead of the pack all the while making sure to stay away the perils of the bush. It’s really a truly adventure jammed casino games this is exhilarating from start to finish.

Abra Cadabra is another hugely sought after slot machine games available from Sheriff Slots. An elusive magician provides a range of slot machine reels with the help of magical combinations. Make the very best permutations and obtain huge points, multipliers, and when lucky, a chance to acquire the MEGA prize. Simply because Abra Cadabra is part of the Sheriff Gaming Mega Money Pool. Which happens to be a group of slot machines attached to form a jackpot progressive network. You may also play the added bonus game which involves magic cards, multipliers and points.

Jackpot Party Casino & WMS Slots

At Jackpot Party Casino, we have the best, and most exclusive casino slot games that you can enjoy on your laptop or your PC. You can have just as much fun as a real casino, and you won’t even have to travel, you can just play from home, and enjoy all your usual comforts.

We have organised a great range of slot games that have been tested for their playability and fun factor. We have organised, and arranged all our slot titles into their own relevant category, so they are all easy to find, depending on what type of slot game is your favourite.

WMS gaming are known worldwide for some of the very best, and most innovative slot machine games available to play. We have years of experience in creating fun, and interesting games that you can play, and now we bring these titles into the comfort of your own home, thanks to our online innovations.

The titles that WMS slots have to offer you for a great night of playing include the weird and wonderful Alice in Wonderland. The historical quest for power called Riches of Rome. We also have an exclusive classic called Bruce Lee.

With lots more great slot titles you won’t need to leave the comfort of your home, just plug your internet connection into your laptop or tablet.

Bring your friends round, get the beers and alcohol in, and prepare the food for a great night in with the fun you can all play slots online with WMS. Who will win the most money, and who will possibly even win the jackpot?

If your looking for some entertainment before the week, or if your looking to unwind after a stressful day at work, then even your friends will be glad to hear that your holding a mini gaming party during the week if you want.

Compared to a noisy casino, where you can’t get the service you want or even play the games you want, then playing from home is just no comparison. Your favourite friends, your favourite drinks, your favourite music, and of course your favourite slot games.

Especially with the current economic downturn, people are looking to save money on entertainment, and what more could you ask for that maximises the amount of fun that you can have at home and with your friends, and keep the costs down instead of an expensive night out.

Sometimes during the week too, when you need to just relax and switch off, you can just quickly turn on your computer, and play a quick game of slots.

That’s the beauty of the ease of use that playing them online gives you. Plus its a bonus if you get one of the jackpots that we have on offer.

Playing slots online gives you the chance to play whenever you want from home, and if you even want to play each night then that’s fine too. That gives you more of a chance to win the jackpots also.

If you find that your feeling a bit bored, and you want to get a quick dose of excitement, then WMS slots offer you the opportunity to have some exciting nights in, and some really exciting prizes and jackpots, and we welcome seeing you there, and joining in the fun.

Net Entertainment Launched New Slot Game

Net Entertainment launched a brand new slot machine today called Thief. This slots game is another fantastic addition to the Net Ent family of slots with. With 5 reels and 20 pay lines Thief slot game has not 1 but 2 free spin rounds.

The first free spin round on Thief slot machine is your standard free spins, where you can earn 10 spins by landing 3x scatter symbols. The second set of free spins is in replace of the feature game.

The second set of free spins is called the “Adrenaline free spins”. Again you can get x10 spins, but what makes this set better than the other is the fact that it is played on a different set of reels only using the higher paying thief tool symbols.

U see the thief slot machine has 2 sets of winning pay tables + a special diamond symbol with a 5000 top prize. When u land 3x adrenaline scatters you get to play 10x free spins using these higher paying symbols, which increases the chances of getting a super big win !.

Check out the brand new thief slot machine for free here.

Fantastic New Slot Machines Added

Visit our website today and find the latest 2 slot machines to play for free. We at societyofslots are constantly updating our selection of slot machine reviews and putting up new free to play slot demo games for your enjoyment.

Today we have 2 more slot machine reviews for you including Funky Chicken & French Cuisine.

French Cuisine as the name suggests is based in a French restaurant where pesky mice keep getting at the food and spoiling it. you must help the Chef keep the mice out of the food and away from the cheese in order to land a $17,500 jackpot.

This is a fun and entertaining slot machine from Sheriff Gaming with 20 paylines and 5 reels of classic French dining action. Play French Cuisine Slot machine here today.

Our second slot machine of the day is Funky Chicken. This is a funny and funky 70’s styled retro slot machine set in a neon light night club with Mr Fox aka the Funky Chicken as the star of the show.

This Funky chicken slot machine sees Mr.Fox hit on all the girls in the club trying in an attempt to claim up to $15,000 in jackpot cash. With fantastic graphics and audio sound Funky Chicken should be another smash hit for the Sheriff gaming company, whi developed this game.

Play both these slot machines and more at

– Good Luck

Lucky Guy From Sweden Wins 73,000 Euros

One lucky guy from sweden has won a massive €73,000 on Victorious Mobile slot machine. Thats right – from his mobile phone. The guy was playing the victorious slot machine when he landed a free spins bonus. This bonus turned in to a massive €26,000 win. Which kept the Swedish construction worker kinda excited to see what else would happen.

Anyway the guy kept on playing at his favourite online casino which just so happens to be one of the best new casinos around called Vera And John Casino. He played for a little while longer and suddenly from a €101 wager he landed another free spins bonus round. This time with 70 FREE spins!.

This 70 free spins turned into another €54,000 from a single spin series. Which is a phenomenal amount of money from a single bonus round. The guy ended the night on just over €73,000 and said he had no idea what he was going to do with the money. But that it isnt really about winning, he said playing slot machines online is just part of his fun and relaxation time..

Well I say if thats what he calls fun.. I want me some of it too. And infact we can all get in on the action with Vera and John casino with 10 free spins on Gonzos Quest with no deposit required.. Plus all new players who sign up and deposit money can grab up to €500 free. Not a bad deal if i do say so myself.

click here to try your luck at Vera and John casino!.